I am an abandoned life form, who spends most of his time experiencing creations of the universe. Born in the land of systematic chaos, with appetite for knowledge and hunger for wisdom.

I am Possessed with the superpower of ‘supersonic kinetic energy’. This superpower gives me the ability to keep things in motion and think quickly. I percive the world as an amusement park with free ticket to experience every ride. I get my energy from talking to people, asking them questions and dissecting their brains. With the ‘eyes of success’ I see challenges as opportunities and setbacks as learning experience.

I keep my head against the flow for different perspective on things. I am impatient with my ideas, being patient is Kunal Bhosale’s style. My only motto is ”KEEP IT MOVING”.

Kunal Bhosale

Hey there! This is Kunal Bhosale. I am an Experience Designer working in the area of motion design, Gaming and sound design. I believe in process oriented design approach. Desciplined and goal oriented design-process always lead to great Design! Observing people, behaviour and patterns is an integral part of my learning. I persue every design from various aspects such as Demographical structure, Social and cultural influence and Human psychology. This persuit gives me the all-round understanding of any artform and design.

Music has a high influence on my design process, so I always try to integrate it with in my design. I am an amature musician with basic understanding of music theory. Some of my favourite music genres are Heavy-metal, Hip-hop, progressive/psychedelic rock, Indian classical and all kinds of folk music.